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14 The LORD said to Abraham after Lot had parted from him, “Lift up your eyes from where you are and look north and south, east and west.”Genesis 13:14

It’s so easy get distracted these days. One day you know what your goal is and you’re pumped to run towards it, the next day you have no clue where you stand and have to go back 15 steps. So we wiggle, and we stop. We decided that it’s probably best to take a break. And I thought this was the solution as well. I really believed in taking a pause and just breathing a bit. Until one day, someone told me the following:

“Have you ever noticed there are no butt stains on the sand tracks?”

There’s no sitting down when you have a goal you’re running to. There might be slower steps, longer strides, but no sitting down.

The only way we proceed in these circumstances is by re-adjusting our vision. We have to re-focus.

Do you look up or sideways while walking? No, you keep your eyes straight, looking towards where you are headed. God didn’t ask Abraham to look at the land to amaze him or give him a glimpse of what the prize was. God asked him to look so he would have a vision. So he would know where he should be looking at while walking. He gave him his goal.

Where is your vision?

Are you looking at the final goal, or are you staring at the cracks around you?

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