The Second Best Day of My Life

The second best day of my life,

as narrated by Keilly Fernandez

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I used to be such a scaredy cat. Whatever mom and dad said was what I did. Why cross the line? I would rather play it safe.

Then summer 2010 happened.

It was the first time my sister and I made an international trip on our own. I was 16, she was 17. It felt awesome.

Don’t get excited, we were just going to New Jersey to spend a summer with my mom’s family. At least, save the excitement for later.

So days go by and rain ruins most of our stay, but my two cousins, one my age and one a year younger, still find ways to keep us entertained.

After 2 days stuck inside hiding from pouring rain, the sky gave us a break so we had the brilliant idea of going out for a walk.
I didn’t know where we were headed to, but they seemed excited so I guessed it was a cool place. We jump over a fence that was in the backyard of a someone who today i still don’t know. My cousins said they know them. Funny since we were still all whispering as we went through it.
My jeans and white sneakers start getting muddy as we hold on to trees and branches trying to slide down an awkward slope that led to God knows where.
Just when I thought things couldn’t get creepier, we come to a point where we had to balance on 3 inch rocks to walk across a small river. Yes. I fell. I was now wet. Muddy. and scared.
Yes, this is still the second best day of my life.
A few complaints and scratches later, we get to a slope, which of course we slide down, and to my surprise land on train tracks.

“This is it! We’re here!”, says the cousin my age.

All that, so stare at train tracks. wow.

So we start throwing rocks and playing music, when out of no where we hear a loud and clear honk.

The train was coming.

“Shit! run! they can’t see us or the call the cops!”


They start heading down the tracks, and climb up pretty fast. not the same for my sister and I who struggled getting up the mud without sliding right back down.

My cousin jumps back in the slope and tells us to just lay down against the slope.

If you are wondering, yes, I was about to pee myself.

And then it came.

One second it was far, the next it was right in front of me. I could stretch my arm out and it might have touched it.

All my adrenaline kicks in, unaware that my location guarantees I will be fine.

I never felt more in control of my surroundings.

I was serene.

Everything in me felt cold,

but my eyes could still see every detail on the train that was rushing right in front of my eyes at full speed.

It was that icy feeling you get when you’re nervous that takes over your stomach.

When you ride a roller coaster and the free fall part arrives.

When you want to scream but you don’t remember how because you’ve lost your voice.

I felt everything,

even though I touched nothing.

I didn’t move,

but I felt like I was moved.

It was amazing.

And then it was gone.

but I wasn’t afraid.

“Keilly lets go!”

they pull me up and we start running back to the house. We all cram into a corner when the police patrol car strolls by. They might not even have been looking for us. But hiding was part of the story.

We got home and had french fries with chicken nuggets for dinner.

It was as if nothing had happened that day.

But for me,

everything had.

Love and Coffee, K


Dear World,

My life is so crazy right now.

But its all good crazy. Its fun crazy. Its I’m tired and I have to pull a few half all nighters but its worth it crazy.
It’s funny because, as usual some bad things keep coming by and happening, but I’ve become so focused on the awesomeness that is to come that sometimes I simply do not have time to lurk in a corner and pout. I only have time to say, “You know what, eventually I’ll finish this and then I’ll think back on the moments when I was whining. I should just jump to that part.”
I have also started using my iPhone Calendar. Like old people! I need my calendar! I literally have become one of those people. That is not even a nice thing to say about myself. But what can I say, I know it will all be worth it in the future.
I wanted you all to be the first to know, That I am currently working on the launch of the very first publication I have designed and structured by myself. Its going to be amazing guys. And I can’t wait to share it here with you.
The crazy part? This is only the start.
the best is yet to come peeps.
Anyways, I did want to share something cool about my first days with you guys. You see at first I made a huge mistake. I “settled”. I got a job, a nice desk, and said, “Cool, I’m comfy here. I think I’ll just make this my spot.” Basically I took something I absolutely love and turned it into a routine. I ruined it for myself! You should NEVER make something a routine, ALWAYS strive to just improve. Probably the writer-who-never-stops-editing in me talking right now. But there is always space to improve. When you think you “made it”, NO, you just start dude. So I shook it off like Taylor Swift, and I started taking on everyday like I was gonna do something that was only going to improve my life. Strive for improvement every day. Do things because YOU want to do better. Because you deserve it.
It’s always nice to talk to this WordPress screen and hope someone is reading my on the other side. Have an awesome week. And a lotta coffee. I just said “lotta” and I’m a writing major. I’ll go graduate now.

Love and Coffee,


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6 Things That Happen When You Decide To Start Your Own Blog



At least for me it is.
Lets have some gif fun! Here’s a time-table of what happens when you decide to start a blog. Hope my blogger friends enjoy it to.


One day you wake up and decide the world should see how talented you are. How interesting your life is. And what you have to say about anything and everything.

So you go online, search websites, and start working on your awesome blog. This includes spending about 5 hours choosing a theme, a picture, a name, and eventually realizing it was harder than you imagined.

But eventually, you finally either give up or feel satisfied. So you start writing your first post. Hell, you might even write consecutive posts!

You spend your first week staring at the stats pages and refreshing your email every hour or so to see if anyone has subscribed or told you your writing is awesome yet. In the end, you only get 3-12 views instead of the thousand you expected. But you tell yourself its okay, because after all, you just started. So it “makes sense”

eventually you get used to not having so many views and start using your blog more as a diary where you can rant on whatever you want than a place where you want to publish important literature pieces.

Soon, people actually start to view your blog. And comment on it! ITS LIKE YOU’RE A ROCKSTAR.

You might take a few months off of writing, but eventually one day you remember how good that first view felt. So you go back to it and write anything you might feel or will feel. Because its pretty cool that no one likes to read, yet they read your bullshit.
So its all good.

Because three things are true:



Throwback Thursday: I am Brave

February 5, 2012

“Every day we show how brave we our. We open ourselves up to expectations, to fantasies, to daydreaming. And we have no clue of what might happen, but something just feels like it’s the right thing to do. Those decisions we make bring consequences which are not always what we wish for, and sometimes they bring even more than what we expected. But no matter how it might turn out, know you were brave.

Know that you defied the force which tried to bring you down.

Know that you took a risk that might have changed your life.

Know that it’s not if you made it or not, but that you tried.

And know that no matter how crumbled you might end up there’s always a remedy. always.

take one deep deep breath, count backwards from 5 to 1, let it out, and start over.”

Canadians and the World Cup

Hellooo! This is News with Keilly. If you are looking for site to keep yourself updated on the most accurate and fulfilling current news, this is  NOT the place to do that. But I bet that won’t stop you anyway. So let’s get to business.

I feel like in every news issue I write there is a story about weed. It’s not on purpose. I promise.

1. Medical Marijuana is now legal in NY.
The next day hospitals reported that they were suddenly overflowing with new patients. Just kidding. Though I do have a feeling hospitals are going to have a wave of new patients walking through their door claiming they suddenly don’t feel that and think Mary Jane is the only answer. I am happy though, for all those who really are suffering right now due to pain caused by different diseases. From someone who has seen several family members battle cancer through pain, I say GOOD.

2. Canadian Rob Ford is running again for Mayor.
Ford, the Canadian mayor who admitted to smoking crack while in office, and was also caught in photos and film, so really he had no choice, has been sober for about 2 months. He told the people of Toronto that he can’t promise he wont smoke again but they should still vote for him and allow him to be mayor again. His slogan is “Ford more years”. Ooor nah.

3. Israel and Hamas war zone gets tense.
I highly suggest you look up  few articles on what’s going on between these two . ) I feel like the news these past weeks has been a run between the two regarding who can harm more innocent children and young people, video it, post it online, and then say they do it to protect their own. A lot went on in the Security Council of the United Nations. You can find a speech of the Israel representative and Palestinian ambassador online. I wont say much here because I want you to do it. So stop being lazy. Here’s a cliffhanger: One of the kids the Israeli attacked was American. Bet you haven’t seen much of that on the news huh?

4. Crumbs Bakery has closed all of its locations, in other words THE WORLD HAS ENDED AND WHAT WAS LIFE BEFORE WE HAD THOSE HUGE CUPCAKES AND OMG THEY DIDN’T EVEN WARN ME.

5. World Cup
Germans won. Who cares. Just kidding. If you’re a subscriber and you’re German congrats!! if you’re Argentinian then know I was secretly rooting for you. Though now its no longer a secret. Okay.

This was New With Keilly. Go on your own now and research articles. Also follow me on Instagram and Twitter : @kkeilly . Yes, I use that for everything. I post a lot of puppy pictures and almost no selfies. Or maybe its the other way around haha, Support the Blog! And have a great week!

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