kkeilly.com is 3!!

I turn 20 and my blog turns 3!!!

272 subscribers later, all I can say is THANK YOU. For reading my stuff and commenting on it. And for not liking it too.
Hopefully I get better and better with time! haha

Happy Monday!
Here’s 5 fun facts:

1. I’m never really joking.
2. I’m 20 and I still sleep with a huge bear who is seriously the best cuddle bud.
3. I feel sad for people who take their coffee with milk.
4. I’m addicted to sudoku. Its weird. Its the only situation in which I get along with numbers.
5. A chocolate bar can last me up to 2 weeks. I’m bad with sweets. Not really my thing.

Now go have a glass of wine and celebrate with me :D





Currently prepping for the Oscars and watching a few of the nominated movies. Got inspired to write this down in the middle of one of the movies. 
Enjoy the Oscars tonight!


One can only keep so much inside,
before you lose control and start to type

There’s only so many pages in a book.
Once you get to the end, its done.

There’s only a matter of time before “I miss you so much”
Becomes “I missed you.”
Its called a sudden change of heart

Rant. Kick. Cry.
But these things won’t change.

For the person who made you feel safe yesterday,
might be a stranger today.

We were a train wreck. From the moment it started til the end. And it was our fault. We ran before we could learn how to walk. If there were another chance, I don’t know if it would end the same. But I know I would do it differently. But there is no other chance. There’s just fake politeness and waving hands.



The night makes everyone thoughtful. Your thoughts can either be great and productive, or troubled and restless. It all depends on you really. You can either let them run or turn them off. I happen to have trouble with both.


7 Lessons To Apply Sophomore Year Of College.

Sophomore year of college can be easy. You just need to keep in mind all you learned Freshman year.

1. 8AM classes are a freshman mistake. All classes must start after 10am.

2. Its possible to get an A in class without ever doing the reading assignments.
at bullshitting.

3. There will always be annoying people in class who use those really long extravagant words that leave you wondering if its that you’re really stupid or they’re really smart.
Why am I even a sophomore?
GIF confusion

4. Spending all your meal plan money in the first two months probably isn’t the best idea.
There will be days when you run out of cash and wish you could use that card again.

5. Its possible to get tired of all the freshman year partying.

6. College wardrobe is not really that important. No one really cares about what you’re wearing. Just wear whatever you feel like wearing.

7. Its not that you’re tired, our bodies just really love sleeping.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!!!

You should probably do that essay you’re putting off now. Oh wait, that’s me.

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