Canadians and the World Cup

Hellooo! This is News with Keilly. If you are looking for site to keep yourself updated on the most accurate and fulfilling current news, this is  NOT the place to do that. But I bet that won’t stop you anyway. So let’s get to business.

I feel like in every news issue I write there is a story about weed. It’s not on purpose. I promise.

1. Medical Marijuana is now legal in NY.
The next day hospitals reported that they were suddenly overflowing with new patients. Just kidding. Though I do have a feeling hospitals are going to have a wave of new patients walking through their door claiming they suddenly don’t feel that and think Mary Jane is the only answer. I am happy though, for all those who really are suffering right now due to pain caused by different diseases. From someone who has seen several family members battle cancer through pain, I say GOOD.

2. Canadian Rob Ford is running again for Mayor.
Ford, the Canadian mayor who admitted to smoking crack while in office, and was also caught in photos and film, so really he had no choice, has been sober for about 2 months. He told the people of Toronto that he can’t promise he wont smoke again but they should still vote for him and allow him to be mayor again. His slogan is “Ford more years”. Ooor nah.

3. Israel and Hamas war zone gets tense.
I highly suggest you look up  few articles on what’s going on between these two . ) I feel like the news these past weeks has been a run between the two regarding who can harm more innocent children and young people, video it, post it online, and then say they do it to protect their own. A lot went on in the Security Council of the United Nations. You can find a speech of the Israel representative and Palestinian ambassador online. I wont say much here because I want you to do it. So stop being lazy. Here’s a cliffhanger: One of the kids the Israeli attacked was American. Bet you haven’t seen much of that on the news huh?

4. Crumbs Bakery has closed all of its locations, in other words THE WORLD HAS ENDED AND WHAT WAS LIFE BEFORE WE HAD THOSE HUGE CUPCAKES AND OMG THEY DIDN’T EVEN WARN ME.

5. World Cup
Germans won. Who cares. Just kidding. If you’re a subscriber and you’re German congrats!! if you’re Argentinian then know I was secretly rooting for you. Though now its no longer a secret. Okay.

This was New With Keilly. Go on your own now and research articles. Also follow me on Instagram and Twitter : @kkeilly . Yes, I use that for everything. I post a lot of puppy pictures and almost no selfies. Or maybe its the other way around haha, Support the Blog! And have a great week!

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The Most Powerful Weapon Humans Have


Omg, it feels so good to be back. And I mean back as in actually writing something, not just posting quotes.

This is home<3

I have so many amazing stories to let you all in one. The first thing is, I HAVE A JOB! Hence the disappearance. I won’t give full details on where I work, but it involves sitting in on daily meeting held  at the UN headquarters here in NY, and having a voice for a very large community.

If you have had the chance to meet me, then you might be aware of how much I can talk I mean, I’m my mom’s daughter, I can basically have an interesting conversation with you on anything. Unless I haven’t had my coffee, cause then I’m just like


So this experience has been awesome, because I’ve actually stopped talking. Because here’s the thing:

Every time the microphone in front of someone turns on, they have the power to do either good or bad to thousand of people. Everything they say can affect millions of people.
Just out yourself in that position for a moment,

How many of the daily comments we make on a daily basis would you have to take back, if everything you said had the ability of affecting thousand of people. In a good and bad way.

Its crazy.

Just the idea that people count on the speakers I’m hearing, sometimes on matters of life or death.

Your voice, is the most powerful weapon you posses. Its stronger than any weapon a man can create.
I’ve started to think more now before blurting one of my random comments out.
They still come out here and there, but then again, that’s kind of what makes me Keilly.


I am back, and will hopefully be resuming News With Keilly the upcoming weeks. So eyes open!

Happy 4th of July to all my Americans!

And good luck to those still playing in the World Cup.
I would say who I’m rooting for, but that might get me in trouble with some subscribers haha.


october 8 087

New York Love Poem

I took this picture back in October while walking around Central Park. Still love it. 

And now a Love poem in honor of my one year living in the city:

Oh New York,
How I love you
How I love how much I’ve grown since I’ve met you.

But I also kinda hate you
So I’m going on vacation. 

With love,

ps: I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. See you soon bae♥





10 Things That Happen When Your Closest Friends Go To Parsons

To all my New School friends who can relate:

1. There is some type of artwork in your suite or room that wasn’t made by anyone who lives with you. 

2. You have no idea how it got there. 

3. You have been to the MET and/or MOMA more than once. Not exactly because you love to go to museums but because you’re a good friend. 

4. You understand the lingo “I hate Space” and “I hate Time”. 

5. You’ve been used as a mannequin. 
More than once. 

6. You have donated yourself or a part of your body to be photographed/ written/ or painted on. 

7. If you didn’t know who Tom Ford was. Now you do. And its not because of JayZ songs. You have actually started to think he is pretty cool. 

8. You’ve never bought anything at UTrecht yet you’ve basically memorized every aisle and could probably direct someone to what they’re looking for. 

9.  “Prisma” colors? You don’t touch that shit.

10. You end up loving them. 

20bday is 3!!

I turn 20 and my blog turns 3!!!

272 subscribers later, all I can say is THANK YOU. For reading my stuff and commenting on it. And for not liking it too.
Hopefully I get better and better with time! haha

Happy Monday!
Here’s 5 fun facts:

1. I’m never really joking.
2. I’m 20 and I still sleep with a huge bear who is seriously the best cuddle bud.
3. I feel sad for people who take their coffee with milk.
4. I’m addicted to sudoku. Its weird. Its the only situation in which I get along with numbers.
5. A chocolate bar can last me up to 2 weeks. I’m bad with sweets. Not really my thing.

Now go have a glass of wine and celebrate with me :D


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